Massey Ferguson 135 

A Worldwide Favorite Classic Farm Tractor

The Massey Ferguson 135 tractor. The Farmer here would admit that this tractor is one of his favorites. What makes this model of Massey Ferguson such a popular tractor? Well, where do we start? This older classic tractor is the perfect mix of functionality, dependability, and affordability.

He really likes the nice size of this classic tractor. He appreciates how durable it is and how easy it is to work on. There's no electronics that can go haywire and it's a strong little workhorse that, when maintained, just keeps on going. Its old purring engine is music to the Farmer's ears. 

The Farmer isn't the only one who appreciates his  Massey Ferguson 135. Some have said that this model is the best tractor ever made. And while others might disagree, the fact is that these beloved old tractors are a favorite of many.

While it's been out of production for decades, old Massey Ferguson tractors still seem to be an essential and treasured piece of a farmer's equipment in many countries around the world. People will sometimes travel internationally in their quest for a Massey Ferguson 135, or its sister the 165.

What is So Special About The Massey Ferguson 135?

These Massey Fergusons were really well designed. They're not only a very basic tractor, but they're incredibly reliable. About all they demand is bit of fuel, the necessary oil, and just enough anti-freeze or water - depending on location, and these faithful old tractors will keep on going, often for decades.

The Massey Ferguson 135 was produced from 1964 to 1975. The tractor was very modern for the time, and over 40 years later it still has the features that many of today's farmers need. Besides the necessities, like the PTO (power take off) and the 3 point hitch, they were loaded with innovative options which included live power, hi-lo transmission, power steering, live two-stage clutch, and spin-out rims.

These tractors aren't very large, typically weighing between 3,565 to 3,810 pounds. They have a wheelbase of 72 inches / 182 cm. The tractor's length is 120.6 inches / 306 cm and it's 54 inches / 137 cm in height. Ground clearance at the differential is  11.5 inches or 29 cm. If you're interested, here are more specs on the British-made Massey Ferguson tractor.

Used and new aftermarket parts for the Massey Ferguson 135 are fairly plentiful. Designed with good, strong, basic mechanics and not dependent on electronics, these tractors are not complicated to repair when needed.  

The Sources of the 'Horses'

The first tractors were great for small farms of the day. But as farms grew in size, the race was on for higher horsepower under the hood. Farmers needed increasingly more power and efficiency to produce more yield from their fields.

The Massey Ferguson 135 was powered by one of four different engines. Among these four options, one of the engines was a diesel and three were gas powered. The beefy 45.5 horsepower engine had plenty of power for everyday farm work.

Massey Ferguson 135's 45.5 horsepower diesel engine is the Perkins AD3-152. Perkins also made a 3 cylinder gas engine for the Massey Ferguson tractors which is the Perkins AG3-152, also a 45.5 horsepower engine. These Perkins engines tended to be preferred. 

There are two other gasoline engines that were used and are still available made by Continental, a Z-134 which is approximately 35 horsepower and a Z-145 which is very close to the horsepower of the 3 cylinder Perkins diesel. 

Abandoned... But Not Destroyed

Often these wonderful old red tractors are kept in the family and passed down until they finally conk out. Perhaps those who have inherited this mechanical heirloom now just see it as "Grandpa's tractor" sitting as a landmark of another time. Perhaps the inheritors are not running the farm any more, or they simply may not be the fix-it type...

But sitting there, sun bleached, rust-speckled, and overgrown in weeds, these abandoned tractors are often hidden treasures. Cleaned up and given a bit of tender loving care, these faithful old workhorses can often be brought back to life and continue to run for years to come. 

The Farmer has picked up some of these oldies that have died and were left to sit out in a field for a decade or so. Many times, with a bit of diesel and a tweak or two, they begin to turn over, sputter, and chug a bit, then off they go - just like that! 

The tractor pictured at the top of the page came as a tractor in a box, all in pieces, after someone had taken it all apart and became discouraged. As Jamie from Ireland so eloquently put it, ''There's a quiet satisfaction in taking something old, assessing the damage and then working on it to bring back its original beauty..."  How true! The Farmer saw real value in those pieces and the box full of parts! You'd never know that it was the same tractor today! 

And he's not the only one! Many other farmers have done the same. 

Eavesdrop on Some Farmer Tractor Chat!

Whether casually gathering for coffee at a local diner, relaxing with friends on the back porch, or hanging out at a farmer's machine shop, the subject of tractors comes up among farmers and country folks. We just wanted to let you in on the enthusiasm that others share regarding their Massey Ferguson 135s. We'll not share the names for privacy sake, but here are some things people have said about this tractor:

"My Massey Ferguson 135 has been tough and reliable. It's a reliable little work horse requiring minimal maintenance, with comfortable ergonomics as well. Out of all the Massey Ferguson tractors, the model 135 is my favorite."

"The 3 cylinder Perkins in my Massey Ferguson 135 is almost fool proof and it is the most miserly tractor on fuel of anything we ever owned. I also highly recommend the diff-lock feature and spin out wheels." 

"I love the look of this tractor for many reason. Looks great. The controls are easy to reach and right where you would expect them to be. I've always kind of felt drawn to it. It's an extremely reliable tractor. Pound for pound the strongest, toughest tractor I’ve owned."

Can you hear them? Photographer Roger Mosley has captured it so well! Texan farmers gathered for coffee before heading out to start their day's work...

"I would consider the Massey Ferguson 135 to be one of the best small farm or chore tractors that you can buy. It's a reliable little workhorse requiring minimal maintenance to keep on rolling. It's been tough and reliable."

"The MF 135 has to be one of the best all-time tractors there ever was. Simple, dependable, and really powerful for its size. Excellent little tractor. Parts are easy to find, and it nearly never lets you down. I love mine."

"It's a mean and relentless machine, economic on fuel, low maintenance requirements, simple in construction, very adaptable as long as you match its capacity to implements. This simple little tractor is mechanical reliability, tough, low maintenance, easy to work on, and great resale value." 

"If you’re in the market for a Massey Ferguson 135, choose the Perkins option! The 3-cylinder Perkins engine is fabulous. It’s fuel efficient, highly reliable, and runs like a dream. It is easy and inexpensive to rebuild: everything you could want." 

"The MF 135 came loaded with options, including live power, hi-lo transmission, multi-power which works through hydraulics, adding another range. Some come with  power steering, and spin out rims as well. Tractors with combinations of these options are even more desirable and fun to work with."

"I have a friend who has a good sized farm.... He called my tractor a "cockroach". When I stopped laughing and asked why, he said "because it will never die!"

Have you had experience with a Massey Ferguson 135? Share your thoughts! You can either enter them in the form below or through our Contact Us page. If you'd like, we can share them on this page!

Keep it Going and it Will Keep You Going!

The simple key to keeping these great old tractors going is consistent maintenance. It really doesn't take much. But taking proper care of his tractor, The Farmer's Massey Ferguson 135 has been rolling since the 1960s. With a little care and attention, oil changes, replacing the fuel, oil, and hydraulic filters, and giving it a tune up as needed, your own old tractor will also give you years of faithful service. 

If you're the fix-it guy at your hobby farm, or want to be, a shop manual is always important to have on hand. We'd highly recommend having your own copy of this great Massey Ferguson Shop Manual Models for MF135 MF150 & MF165. Click the pic and purchase your own tractor manual for your shop today and save repairman costs!

If you're working on your Massey Ferguson 135, this handy service manual will show you all you need to know. It will tell you how to take a tractor apart, how to repair it, and how to put it back together again. It covers the Gas Models: MF135 Special, MF135 Deluxe, MF150, MF165 Diesel Models: MF135 Deluxe, MF150, MF165.  This clear and concise workshop type manual is a useful addition to the hobby farm's resource library.

For information about your Massey Ferguson 135 or for parts, used or new, contact HobbyFarm Tractors

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