Easy, Delicious Homemade Milk Mayonnaise

Have you ever tried making your own egg-less mayonnaise? This Milk Mayonnaise recipe is a wonderful alternative for mayonnaise made with eggs for those who may have egg allergies or for anyone who simply might prefer it. Using our fresh raw milk works wonderfully! It's easy to make, tastes great, and you know exactly what's in it!  

Why Make Milk Mayo?

Years ago, I began searching and experimenting for a mayonnaise recipe that I felt comfortable to use when our family went camping. Only using a cooler with ice to keep it cold, I was nervous about the raw eggs in homemade mayo after a few days without refrigeration. The last thing I wanted to deal with was Salmonella or any other type of harmful bacteria that could make my family sick!

Years later, a friend and I laugh about some of the creative experiments, like the one starting out with a white sauce base, flavoring it to taste as close to mayo as possible. It didn't have eggs and it 'sort of' worked! But it certainly wasn't what I was looking for. 

My searching came to an end when I discovered how easy it is to make milk mayonnaise by exchanging the egg for milk! Sounds impossible? Well, I'm glad to tell you that it's not! I was able to make a tasty, homemade mayo that didn't pose the same serious raw egg threat that I had been concerned about. Many sandwiches have been made with this homemade milk mayo over the years since then! And a fresh supply is quick and easy to whip up and put into the fridge to use any time of the year. We haven't bought mayonnaise from the grocery store for years! 

So, here's my Milk Mayonnaise recipe. You'll find it quick and easy to make. I hope you enjoy it!  

How to Make Milk Mayonnaise

Easy, Delicious Homemade Milk Mayonnaise Recipe

Tools needed:

◾   a wand style immersion blender
◾   measuring spoons and a 1/2 cup measuring cup
◾   a wide-mouth pint canning jar - so the blender can fit into it

Added in this order into the pint jar:

1/16 tsp. Garlic Powder - to measure 1/16 teaspoon, use 1/4 of 1/4th, or 1/2 of 1/8th teaspoon, more or less, depending on taste

1/16 tsp. Ground Mustard

1/16 tsp. Ground White Pepper - Black Pepper is find if you don't have any White Pepper

1/16 tsp. Cream of Tartaroptional, but this makes the mayonnaise even more firm

1/4 tsp. Sea Salt - We really like Redmond's Real Salt

1 tsp. Lemon Juice - either fresh or bottled

1 tsp. Vinegar - I like the flavor that Red Wine Vinegar gives 

1/4 tsp. Dijon Mustard - or regular yellow mustard works fine as well

1/2 cup Cold Milk - you can use a milk substitute if you can't use regular milk

* 1 1/2 cups Cold, Mild-Flavored Oil - *Add oil later, see directions below


Stir the above ingredients together (before adding oil) with a spoon and allow to set in the fridge for a couple of minutes.

Next, place the immersion hand blender flat onto the bottom of the jar before adding the oil. There it will create a vortex, gradually pulling the oil down into the whirling blades, blending the ingredients together perfectly. It's important that you keep the hand blender flat on the bottom of the jar for most of this process. 

* Now's the time to add the 1 1/2 cups Cold Oil. I often use sunflower oil because that's what I usually have on hand. I have also used mild olive oil. You may want to try avocado oil or any other favorite mild flavored oils. Healthier oil makes healthier mayo. Coconut oil doesn't work so well.

Don't mix the ingredients yet! After adding the oil, wait a couple of minutes until the milk mixture and oil has finished separating with the clear oil on top, milk mixture at the bottom.

Carefully keeping the hand blender flat on the bottom of the jar, gently pulse the ingredients a bit on the lowest speed a few times. Then, still on the low speed and not lifting the hand blender, blend without pulsing. 

Keep blending, and watch... It will start to look a bit like a 'lava lamp'. You’ll see the 'white' increase and the oil disappear as it emulsifies with the milk and becomes mayo.

Continue blending, and when it's almost completely blended, you can gently begin to lift the blender up a bit off the bottom - up and down slowly to incorporate all the oil into the mayonnaise.

When you see no more oil your Milk Mayonnaise is done! Now, stick your finger in and have a lick! 

At this point, we often transfer part of the freshly made milk mayonnaise into a little dispenser bottle for convenient use as seen in a photo below. It will be fine in the fridge for at least two weeks. 

If it’s not quite as thick as you'd like, continue blending a bit longer.  Sometimes it will thicken a bit more. Or, feel free to slowly drizzle in a bit more oil as you continue to blend it. Sometimes, for whatever reason, if it decided not to cooperate, the addition of a bit more oil does the trick!

The mayonnaise also solidifies more after being refrigerated. And, as mentioned above, if you normally prefer your mayo thicker, the next time you make it, add about 1/16 teaspoon of Cream of Tartar with the other dry ingredients. Enjoy! 

How to Use Your Wonderful Milk Mayonnaise?
Here Are Just a Few Ways...

Now you're ready to use your milk mayonnaise in many different ways! Here are some suggestions:

You can add your milk mayo to scrambled eggs instead of milk or water. Or for super creamy, rich mashed potatoes, add a bit of mayonnaise before mashing them. And try adding it to your cake batter for super moist results!

For an extra yummy garlic bread, combine some of your milk mayo with butter, grated cheese and crushed garlic, then spread the mixture over slices of French Bread before putting it into the oven to melt. Or make fluffy Mayo Biscuits... Both of these would pair wonderfully with a hearty bowl of soup. 

Or, simply slather your freshly made milk mayonnaise over a couple slices of bread, slice up some fresh tomatoes, sprinkle with a bit of salt and pepper to taste, top with some lettuce, and a few slices of bacon and cheese if you'd like... You have a wonderful tomato sandwich or BLT! 

You can make extra to keep on hand as a great base for salad dressings like Homemade Ranch Salad Dressing or Creamy Coleslaw Dressing. Potato Salad Dressing made with milk mayonnaise is lovely! Here are some more delicious looking recipes that use mayonnaise in which your milk mayo will work just fine. 

This recipe is versatile and allows you to be creative with the flavors. Experiment with it and have fun! Here are some creative options you may want to try: 

You can use seasoned salts to tweak the flavor if you'd like. And be creative with a variety of fresh or dry herbs! Perhaps, if you'd like a bit of sweetness, you might want to add a touch of stevia or sugar. Part of the enjoyment of cooking is trying new flavors, so have fun! 

I've also left out the pepper and savory flavors which changes the flavor so it no longer tastes like mayonnaise. Then by adding a bit of cinnamon and stevia, sugar or other sweetener I turned the Milk Mayonnaise recipe turned into a dip for sliced apples or other fresh fruit! This would also be yummy with some cream cheese added to it, or a sprinkle of lavender blossoms for an added delectate flavor.

Making our own Milk Mayo has saved us the cost of buying quite a bit of mayonnaise over the years. 

Another advantage to making your own mayonnaise, whether made with milk or with eggs, is that you know exactly what is going into your mayo. Having experienced cancer in our family has made us more attentive about reducing chemicals and additives wherever possible.  

Bon Appétit! And if you try new flavors that are winners, please let me know what you come up with!

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