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Hobby Farm, Homestead, and Country Living

Ever wonder about city life vs. country life? To many of us, 'country life' says 'home'. Something about those words is soothing. They bring with them either a sense of longing or a feeling of peace. We feel drawn to experience what life in the country has to offer us or we bask in its reality if we're living it. 

Welcome to our home page, the 'front porch' to our website! We're glad that you've stopped by! Have a cup of coffee or tea, sit for a while, relax, dream, and enjoy the view. Or, come on inside and we'll help you find what you're looking for... 

At this point, is still a relatively new website. We invite you to join us on this journey and engage with us on adventures to come! Thank you for your patience as we grow. 

We're looking forward to addressing many aspects of hobby farm, homestead and country living. We touch on topics including HobbyFarm Tractors, HobbyFarm Animals, HobbyFarm Bounty, HobbyFarm Garden, HobbyFarm Kitchen & Pantry, etc. We're looking forward to adding more topics related to farm life and country living, offering resources for guys and gals alike. 

We have a long way to go before all of our goals are met, and we want to thank you for your patience in the process. Because of our love for all things country, we're here to encourage you in your hobby farm dreams or your hands-on, day-to-day reality. In one way or other, we're in this together. 

What is it about Country Life?

Those of us who love the country are hard-wired to value the tranquility of rural settings. It seems intangible, yet we feel it deeply...

Peace and quietness... The sunshine penetrates your pores. You absorb it as you breathe deeply the fresh sweet air. You detect the soft fragrance of freshly mowed hay or the crisp musky-sweet smell of the autumn leaves that thickly carpet the ground. Your eyes search for a far horizon. You bask in the beauty of nature that surrounds you.

...You look up as a car or tractor that happens to drive by, temporarily breaking the silence. Then once again, you hear the meadowlark's song, the horse's soft nicker, and perhaps the low of a cow. Feel the gentle breeze that makes the daisies nod as it plays among the leaves of the nearby trees...

Something deep inside you relaxes as you allow the diverse beauties of creation to soothe your soul. 

And at night... The stars! So many stars! So brilliant, so distant - yet seemingly so close... You look up in wonder at the glory seen in the universe and long to read deeper into the stories written long ago in the night sky...

You could lay on your back for hours out in the field, transfixed in awe at the ever-changing eternal sameness of such celestial magnificence. The fireflies blink, crickets sing their night songs, and in the distance there's a soft "hoot hoot" of an owl...

The sights, the sounds, the stillness, the peace... The space, the pace... The grace of quiet country life which lays in stark contrast to how we feel in the city. It frees us. It beckons us to discover more of it. It fills our souls and lightens our steps, putting 'wind beneath our wings' and air in our proverbial tires to help us to keep on going.

Too Good to Be True?

Country life calls us to embrace its beauties and we call it 'Home'. This is what the living in the country is to us. This is what our hobby farm is about.

Is this painting too idyllic a picture? I don't think so. We're not saying that it's perfect, because realistically, it is certainly not. But given the choice, we'd choose this rural life all over again! 

For many of us, the quietness country living infuses us with a vibrant sense of well-being and wholeness. The hobby farm or homestead, however we experience it, is the quintessential country life. 

Country Life vs. City Life
Are You a City Dweller Dreaming of Life in the Country?

Perhaps right now you're curled up in a comfy chair in your city apartment daydreaming of what life in the country would be like. Maybe you journey there through books, magazines, videos about the country and farm life, or by quietly putting together the pieces of a country life jigsaw puzzle. Maybe you find fulfillment through the way you decorate your space. Do you have a little balcony garden?  Or perhaps you buy your produce fresh at local farms, cooking and baking as if you were living on your own hobby farm...  

Many of us, at one time, have known what it is to long for country life before we had the opportunity to live it.

If that's you, we hope that you'll also be able experience this reality! But if that's not in your future, we invite you to enjoy country life vicariously as we and others share our experiences, feelings, lessons learned, and more through this website. And perhaps, if you haven't already, we can help you carve out a little nook in your world for country living, whether it's in your kitchen, decor, or daydreams. 

When Country Life is Home

Or, maybe you just finished dinner and heading back outside to retrieve a coffee mug that you've left on top of a fence post and your jacket that was flung over a fence rail as you were doing your chores. Your Dexter cow lows when she sees you, your horse gives you a soft nicker, and your favorite cat is waiting for you to return... This is your life. This is home. 

As a veteran in this self-sustaining hobby farm life, you know the 'tricks of the trade', you've gathered many nuggets of wisdom and the best ways to do things that came to you by trial and error. You know the many joys and challenges that come with each season. Since you have known and tasted of country life, we hope you'll share your wisdom and experiences here as well at the bottom of this page!

This site is for anyone who loves any aspect of country living. So, whether you're a seasoned farmer or if you're only able to bring sweet of bits of country living into your urban reality, is here for you to enjoy and experience in whatever measure you're able. 

And as you experience or dream of country life adventures, hobby farm happenings, peaceful moments, victorious achievements, and challenging hardships endured along the way, how about creating your own treasured collage of memories to enjoy and to share in years to come.

Because the details of your experiences are different than ours, let's learn from and support one another! We're sharing from what we have experienced of country life on our hobby farm, hoping that it will be a blessing to you and your hobby farm as well!

Please feel free to share your story, experiences, photos, or dreams with us in the form below! We'd love to hear from you!

We'd Love to Hear Your Hobby Farm Stories, Experiences, or Country Life Dreams! is a community. This is where you can share your stories, experiences, things you've learned along the way that may be helpful to others, photos, or dreams about hobby farm and country life!

Just click into the title box below and go from there. Be as wordy and descriptive as you want! Don't be shy about sharing your love for the country, your experiences, things you've learned, or what your dreams are... There's plenty of room for your story on our website. And don't forget to share photos! Then when published, you can share your story and pictures with your friends through 'your page' here on!


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